Comments from readers of
The Midnight Saint

I just finished The Midnight Saint, and wow, what a great book. It really changed my perspective on living life. I realized that you're not guaranteed anything. I did love the book and I hope you write more like it. I like how you really emphasized the relationship of husband and wife, too. I can't imagine life without my wife. You really blew my mind at the end of the book. Great read! – Isaiah B.

Just wanted to take a minute and compliment you on The Midnight Saint. I travel a lot for my job and read it on my plane on the way to and from Denver last week. It was very well-written, but more importantly, it did a really great job of making you reflect and re-focus on the things that are important in life. In the spirit of full disclosure I am not a religious man, but still found your book very inspirational and found a strong message in it. It is very easy to lose sight of the important things in life and yes, things can pass you by very, very quickly. Your book definitely evoked emotions and I have already referred my girlfriend and my mom to it. Thanks again for your work on this book. I thoroughly enjoyed it. – Matt H.

This was such a compelling, heart-wrenching book, as I met your character Adam and went for a rollercoaster ride through twelve of the most compelling, emotional days of his life – and mine. This beautifully written book is obviously a gift from your heart to the reader as Adam deals with his coming death. It makes you smile – it brings tears, and sometimes you smile through the tears. There is anger, joy, hate, compassion and suspense all packed into his days. I fell in love with Adam, his family, his town and yes, his basset hound. – Ann T.

I know that each of us must face the inevitable: death. The big question is… when? What if we knew? How would it affect our final months, weeks, days or hours? When you gave Adam that opportunity, you took me on a trip into a realm where one normally doesn't venture, and offered intriguing answers to some of life's – and death's – questions. As I read, I found myself getting deeper and deeper into the story. I didn't want to put the book down or be bothered by any external circumstances – I wanted to finish, to discover what Adam would learn. The roller-coaster of emotions as I read took me high and low with elation and tears. Yes, tears. I felt myself wiping moisture from my eyes at a couple of points. You played with my heart like a surgeon. I will be recommending The Midnight Saint to everyone. – Bob N.

I bought this book, and it is an excellent story! The Midnight Saint is an easy read, yet thought-provoking. Serious, yet light-hearted, because even though the topic of death is inherently somber, the story and characters keep the book from becoming too heavy. I'm looking forward to re-reading this book. – Stacia R.

I've always been fascinated with the afterlife and profess a bit of a "fear" about what will actually happen to me when I die. This is probably the first novel I have ever read that gave me a sense of peace on the topic. While this book is written with a Christian angle (and I am not of the Christian faith), I felt that a person from any denomination could find solace in this book. It is well-written, the characters are very likeable, and it is easy to read. I'm going to highly recommend this one. – Elise S.

I didn't want to put this book down. I'll be buying a copy for my mother. It also made me think of my husband, father and sister who are with God. – Lauren

I started reading your book as soon as I got it today. I couldn't put it down! It was wonderful. I know it was a work of fiction, but it seemed so real. Your character asked all the questions I would have. It was brilliant. I would love to talk with you about it sometime. Thanks for bringing this book to life. – Kimberly L.

It is absolutely awesome. A must read for anyone and everyone. – Mary P.